Performance/Show History (Highlights)

Khadijatou’s power is in her presence and charisma on stage – Live! She’s a versatile, highly skilled and energised performer who knows her craft and her audiences. Onstage she introduces herself with these words.. “It’s a sense of humour that history has made me with...” and humour is definitely one of the strong characteristics of her work and her personality. 
Backed by her 7 piece support band ‘Slo’burn’ (bv, trumpet, keys, guitar, bass, percussion, kit drums/MD) and VJ, she plays djembe and percussion as well as she sings and dances to the music. An abundance of energy, she offers a very exciting show with many different soundscapes, colours and rhythms. Khadijatou is a new and refreshing voice.  She is enjoying amazing reception from new audiences during her tour dates. 
Khadijatou is notorious for bringing strength and integrity to all her performances. Her naturalness and highly captivating presence on stages of all sizes in many countries and types of events spiritually seduces people. She wrote & performed ‘Second Chance’ on The Heliocentrics’ debut album ‘Out There’ (Stones Throw Records, USA).

Khadijatou’s debut album: “Sex, Lies & History”

A new fusion concept album where poetry marries music and rhythm.
“Sex, Lies and History” is debut collection of poetic work, spoken word-song, with a changing landscape of rhythms, from the African drum & indigenous percussion to dub poetry with elements of soulful jazz, dub, rhythm and blues, gospel rock and funk.
Each song has its own vocal identity and story. Khadijatou’s voice changes to suit her storytelling nature, as does her range of tones, depth, and textures, bringing authentic character, drive and drama, mixing languages such as Caribbean patois and jargon to give a new dimension to her spoken word poetry.

‘Ama Woman’ was written immediately on awaking inspired on the first day of the new millennium whilst in Durban, South Africa. The track ‘These Goods!’ was written in L.A & San Francisco, inspired by life achievements of some in USA.  ‘Into the Jungle’ was written in Senegal in West Africa after Khadijatou visited ‘La maison de l’esclavage’, the door of non return, on Goree Island, one of the main slave market places of old. In Greece, on Rhodes Island, in a secluded place within historical castle ruins, she wrote the funky ‘One time, two time, three times’ and Ain’t No Reason!’, whilst observing and contemplating the interaction of men and women in stereotypical relationships.  ‘Accuse’ is about misunderstandings and crossed wires, written whilst in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Her 12” vinyl release  ’AA Batteries’ (K2 WordPlay) and ‘If I was free’ are part of a group of work that she named ‘dub erotica’.  Her music flow fuses Afro-beats, Jazz with Dub and Funk in a soulful mix of voice.


2010/11Sex, Lies and History - Album
2008/9 ‘Sex, Lies and History’ – four track EP
2007     Heliocentrics, ‘Out There’, Stonesthrow/Now Again Records (USA).
Track: ‘Second Chance/K2’s Prayer’ written & performed by Khadijatou with Heliocentrics
2006     Album sample CD for USA: tracks ‘If i was free’ & ‘Ama Woman’
2005     ‘AA Batteries’, (k2wordplay label), produced by K2, Xantone Blacq and Ray Wright
2004     ‘Ama Woman’ EP. Four tracks produced by K2 including: Ama Woman, Crazy Hell, 1 time.. 2time.. 3times, Accuse.

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Featuring songs from the forthcoming album "Sex Lies & History"
Sample songs from the album "Sex Lies &